A couple of days earlier than expected the album A Guitar is Born by A&B Creative Duo is released.

Their first album consists of nine tracks synth sounds mixed with electric guitars and house-inspired beats. The story behind the album is a fictive story how their Levin guitar is about to give birth to a new guitar and that they made this album as a tribute to this birth. But it is also a symbol for the starting point of A&B's music producing and we can expect more to come during next year. You can read more about the album in this article. You find their album available on Spotify and iTunes.

You can also win an exclusive hard-copy of the album if you help they find the daddy of the guitar. Read more here: http://trimester.mxt.se/finddaddy.html
A Guitar is Born: http://trimester.mxt.se/
For the press: http://guitar.mxt.se/
A&B Creative Duo: http://abcd.mxt.se/

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