To inspire and introduce more people to what we call Mixit our Mixit artists A&B Creative Duo will submit a contribution to the Swedish melody grand prix 2014. It is an ambitious goal and a lot of things that needs to be in place first, for example they will take singing lessons. 

With this they want to show that everything is possible. You can combine the best of two worlds. Having one daytime job and creative career on the side. To Mixit!

You will be able to follow the duo (in Swedish) and their progress on their Facebook page and on Twitter (@abcduo) under the hashtag #mixitmello.

Mixit loves music and we want to help you discover good music that are available on Spotify. That is what Mixit Radio is all about.

Going back to the essence of DJ:ing, which we believe is about to inspire with music, we value hand-picked selections over automated selections.
We are happy to have a small crew of Mixit Radio DJs that provides you with their findings. A selection ranging from pop music, electronic house music, deep house and funky techno and afrodance beats. There is room for this crew to grow and we are looking for more genres as you can see there are still gaps to fill. Let us know if you are interested by filling out this form.

Dance Music (EDM)

A&B Creative Duo provides you with their best selection of today's house music to dance to in the Pick of the Day Mixit Radio channel.

Tech and Deep House

Zoë London gives you a selection of tech and deep house in her Winter 2013 Mixit Radio Channel.


The DJ duo Uniporn from Gothenburg gives you a nice selection of electro and underground techno. Check out their Electro Radio Mixit Radio Channel.


If you want to chillout or just slowly wake up in the morning DJ NDK has some chilly tunes in his Mixit Chilly Radio Channel.

R&B and Hip-Hop

DJ Raydbits gives you his selection of afrodance beats that is available on Spotify in his two Mixit Radio channels.


Some funky and dubby techno selections are provided by DJ NDK in his Mixit Funky Radio Channel.


Anna gives you a mix of new and fresh selections that she has found.
To inspire more people to combine their daytime job with a creative career and to build a network for those who already are is the purpose behind the new campaign "I Mixit. Do You".

We believe that there is a number of people out there who combine their daytime job with a creative career on the side. This is what we call Mixit.

We are starting to collect examples on our Mixit Inspire-blog and we are constantly looking for more. What we also want to do is to connect the creative souls out there to build up a network or a community where ideas can be shared and contacts established.

Join the network by visiting our campaign site and click Like on our Facebook campaign page. On our Facebook page you are also welcome to share with others how just You Mixit.